Photo by Hikmat Khadka, August 2012

Mark Turnin – anthropologist, linguist and broadcast and Program Director of the Yale Himalaya Initiative and co-editor of Himalaya.

I love this video because it shows an interesting debate about education and the young girls in the video are very passionate and intelligent. It’s interesting to hear their personal views about how language and teaching should be carried out in their country especially from young students themselves..

This video gives some insight into the efforts to educate people about effective communication.

cultures and ethnic backgrounds


From this article you can see the many cultures that exist within in Nepal and learn a little background information about each one.

This video shows rap battles between two young Nepalese men. I think it’s interesting to see how other cultures adapt types of music into their own culture. The rhythm and idea is still the same as rap in America but it is spoken in a different language. ┬áThis is just one of the many ways that Nepal is globalizing.

Newari and Thakali cuisines are the original taste of Nepal. Otherwise, Nepalese style of cooking has been influenced by Indian and Tibetan cooking. This video shows the Newari style of cooking. These two cultures are good example of co-cultures because they are both nepalese but each obtain different cultural aspects.